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Issues with Workgroup messages, I cannot view workgroup messages from last year on my projects
Hi there,

I am having some trouble viewing messages in my workgroups that go back to last year. I am using the Bitrix24 hosted CRM system on the free plan for my small freelance business and exploring the features more and more as I learn how to use it.

Anyway I am using the workgroups quite a lot to store all project files and communications. When I exchange emails between the client, I copy and paste the content into the "messages" section of the workgroup. It seemed to be working great. I could find all the project communication and information in one place and not have to dig through my emails.

Now I just realise that I cannot see the messages that were made last year. I go back through February to January and then the February messages are repeated down the bottom again and I do not get to see any of the messages that were made in December last year at all. Can I change this in the settings somewhere or is this a bug?

I know it is possible to get and send emails through the Bitrix24 system but I couldn't do that because I had MX entry conflicts with my ZOHO mail server so I can't use this feature.

Thank you
Hi Ryan!

I believe your messages are either not shown because of the storage space exceeded (check in Settings the amount of free storage space left) or something may be wrong from our side - I advise you to contact our Helpdesk


Definitely not a storage issue. I have approx 1.37GB space remaining within my storage space. I will make a ticket with your help desk. Thanks for replying.
This must be a bug then, thanks for reporting it to the Helpdesk Ryan. Hope the support team will assist asap.


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