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Reset Possible Statuses to Default
How can I reset possible Lead/Deal statuses to default/original values?
Also, is there a tutorial objectively saying how system treat a lead/deal as finished? It is not clear once the default values are changed.
Hi Lucio!

The system takes into consideration the statuses market with circle icon (CRM >Settings>Selection Lists), which means you can't change these status  - the system will treat them same way (default way), so we recommend to add new stauses if you'd like or change names for those not marked with this icon

Please note that there are several mandatory statuses that cannot be edited or deleted, because several CRM functions are based on these particular statuses – theses statuses have circle arrow icon and have revert to original name function. See this video.

Hello, is there a way to change/reset lead number? We have been creating dummy leads for testing purpose, now we have 4 actual leads and now latest lead (which is lead #4) is recorded as lead #54.
Hi Elaine,

I'm afraid not, these numbers are in fact system numbers, you shouldn't pay attention to that, the total amount of your leads is anyway displayed at the end of the leads list.


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