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Customisation of Product View in Deals, Customisation of Product view in Deals
Dear Bitrix24 Team, good day!

Is there a possibility of customisation of the product viewing section in the Deals (please see the image attached)?

Can we basically get rid of "Quantity" and "Unit of Measurement" boxes, and instead - add there the number lines (Operator Price), (Margin), and (Selling Price)?

Example: we buy a service for 10,000 USD from our supplier, add our 500 margin on top, and sell for 10,500 to the client (as illustrated on the picture).

So, can these fields be customised? I really hope so, and would highly appreciate your attention and help in this matter.

Best regards,
Edited: Victor Rudnov - 03/04/2015 09:18:40
Hi Victor!

Unfortunately not, I'll pass the suggestion to the devs, but I don't think we can add such level of customization this year, as it this ection is connected with other sections of the CRM.


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