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multi site company, One company with many sites and area managers
Hi Guys

I am struggling to set up the CRM for a large company that has many sites (100+) all with their own manager contact also regional manager contact that covers a set of the sites.

There is one head office address but multiple site addresses with their own contact.

I cannot seem to link the area managers to more than one site or the head office to all the sites by use of contacts and conpanies which only allow one company per contact
I could set up each site as a contact but each site may have more that one person contact and then the name of the site gets lost in the name of the contact.

I could set the area manager and head office up as companies with multiple contacts being the site managers and area managers but it falls down on what site each site manager and area manager are responsible for

Any ideas ?


Richard Duff
Hi Richard,

I cannot really provide a solution for your scenario... The only think that may help a bit - is maybe use filters somehow or list custom fields, but I don't think it will really help, as these connections are quite complicated.


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