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Closed Deals and converted leads, Viewing non closed deals and non converted leads
Hi Guys

Is there a way to exclude or filter out the closed deals and the converted leads when view them in the main search page?

In deals one can search and sel ect by deal stage but not by exluding all closed deals - these are now history and there needs to be a way of excluding them fr om standard view.

Same issue arrises with converted leads - dont need to see them generally and at least neet to be able to filter them out but again one can only select by one status at a time
and not exclude those leads that are converted or indeed select all leads up to a particular stage

Any ideas how to declutter the view and only see relevant info ?


Hi Guys

Dont panic I found the solution I think....

I did not realise one can hold the shift key down to select multiple selections on the status fields etc

So all I do is select all status up to closed won closed lost on the deals and then I see what I want

Same with Leads

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