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Adding Documents and proposals to Deals, Deal needs to show all proposal documents and link to them
I have to try and link my proposal documents to the deal in the CRM and also send these documents to the Deal Client

I have uploaded proposal docs to an area in the Drive which allows me to access them as an attachement when sending and email from the deal view

but I cannot link the document to the deal - the file browser only looks at your local drive and not the Bitrix drive or cloud at all

This is odd as the email attachement gives you the option to attach files from either the local PC drive or Bitrix24 - this should be available to the files list on Deals as well

Can this be done any other way at all?
Hi Guys

This is becoming more important all the time

I want to link or attach documents and pdfs to a deal and the deal field for files and docs only allows access to files on your local PC - the docs are already on Bitrix24 in Drive area where I can access them to send as attachments on email

But I cannot access them from a deal - I want to see all the docs related to a deal from the deal view itself and this seems pretty important

The alternative is to have a docs tab and put them all there but please can we have a least the link back to drive - At the moment I would have to load the doc back to the deal from the Bitrix local drive on the PC which is synced with Bitrix but what a round the houses way to get to the docs that are already on Bitrix

Any news on this please?
Hello Richard,

It is only possible to attach files from a local PC to the CRM entities now. I've passed your request to the the devs. Thanks.
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are already using Bitrix24