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Number of new leads added, Reports on activity by sales people

I am trying to get reports out of the CRM on the number of new leads added by each salesperson during a time period eg this month and YTD
Also number of new companies added - new deals added etc

I dont want the changes - just new entries - when first added to the Database - I am trying to find a way in reports / Events but not finding it working at the moment

Can you help please?


Hi Richard!

Have you tried report on "leads" with conditions "ID unique number of leads" and  "created on unique"?

Sorry Yana I dont quite understand

Do you mean from the reports section or on the CRM leads view and New Leads or My leads?

What do I enter into the box for ID?

No wait - think I have found it in the selection criterea CREATED after DATE gives me exactly what I was looking for

Thanks anyway YANA

I meant CRM>Reports>you can take any of leads section or create new based on "lead"

Hope this helps.


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