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Description of standard fields
Hi All, newbie here.

I am trying to use CRM for our small startup company.  The nice thing about this is that I can adopt most of the standard out of the box fields and processes.

The challenge I have is that I have not been able to find a comprehensive guide on the standard fields in each section.

Opportunity field in Leads.  What is it's purpose?  One would assume it should be an indicator of the potential value of the lead, but then if you add products to the lead, surely that should override the "opportunity" value?

If anyone could point me to some documentation I would sincerely appreciate.

Hi Duan!

If you know what products the client wants to buy - you can add products & quantity - the total amount will be automatically substituted to the "opportunity" field. But when you don't know what products your client is intereste din but you know his budget - you can manually add the amount ot the opportunity field.

You may find this Training Course & FAQ helpful, though they don't cover field's defenitions at the momet, maybe we'll add this information to the FAQ later.


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