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Best way to track inquiry?, How can I keep track of the incoming phone calls / email
Hi all, I'm new to the Bitrix world and could use some help understanding best practices. To start out simple, let's say a new prospective customer calls and I want to enter in the notes of that call and the contact information. What is the best way to do this?

Secondly, I will have to track email responses manually due to server restrictions (i can't have bitrix receive the emails). How can I add notes for each time I have an interaction with a client?

Thank you!

Welcome to Bitrix24!

1 - when you talking on the phone with your existing client you have an option to add call comment:

when you are calling new lead not listed in the CRM yet, you have a possibility to add new contact or lead:

2- you can add details of your "outside Bitrix24" email correspondence to the History section of your lead (contact or company - open it, scroll down till Activity Stream - open History>add event - choose event type =email has been sent)


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