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Extract field from the CONTACT and put into DEALS

Is there any way how can I connect DEAL with mail/phone field from the CONTACTS? Basically, in definition of the business proces related to deal, I would like send information about deal stage to the contact`s email address. Ufnortunattely, I can seletct only contacts ID.
Thx in advance.
Hi Goran,

Indeed, you have presented a problematic situation. Putting the value of the CONTACT field as the recipient (in the email action block), as you mention, does not work.
I hope that Bitrix can fix this.

The only work-around that can suggest it to add a custom field to the Deal of String type and simple put that in the recipient field in the action block. You will have to put this value in by hand for each deal, which is sub-optimal, but the system will send the email to the address, even though it is a string and not a user value.

I hope Bitrix will consider what options there are to change this.
Hi, my name is Przemek, I am new to the forum.

I have the same problem with Contact Email in Business Process - still can't select it to use in process? You wrote your note 18 months ago so maybe something was changed?

We can use lead email - why we can't do it with deal?

Thanx and all the best,
Hi Przemek,

Please contact our Helpdesk, they will assist. Thanks.


Goran, Przemek,

It can be done as follows:

1. You first have to create a Contacts BP (not a Deals BP), which will send an email - let's call it ABC
2. You then need to create a Deals BP, which will run ABC for the Deal's Contact. In this BP you will need to use a building block called "Run workflow" from the "Document processing" menu. The tricky part here is the value to be used in field "Document ID" - the correct format is "CONTACT_{=Document:CONTACT_ID}", which is not particularly intuitive. The rest should be self-explanatory.


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