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Customizing information template, display fields in 2 columns.

I am looking for solution on how can I display my fields in two columns, to make it more compact.
For example:

This is standard layout to show any modules like Invoice, Quote, Contact etc..
Looking at html I can see, that we have 2 more cells which are idle. So, the question is, how can I format this layout in 2 columns?


download (1).png (19.19 Kb)
download.png (14.82 Kb)
Edited: Anatolii Vorobiov - 08/05/2015 04:28:48
Hi Anatolii!

This customization can be done for a self-hosted version only. You need to find the appropriate component template and make changes in the code. It can be a bit tricky as far as we have all these forms editable, customizable and with users presets.


Any plans to bring this to the Hosted version? it's odd to only have one column to work with - makes the display of data pretty hard and long to go through. Allowing two columns would bring a lot of real estate to the page and make it more efficient?
Hi Kevin!

The cloud verison interface layout customization is limited - users can only customize the interface with the help of predesigned tools. We don't provide the possibility to customize code in the cloud.


Where can I find these Predesigned tools on the cloud version?
What I've meant is CRM>Settings - Custom fields, Selection Lists & other settings, fields reorder tools, etc. Unfortunately there are no tools for fields resize etc. (sorry for the confusion I should have probably called them options, not tools)


Hi Yana,

You said we can't customize interface on cloud version of Bitrix, what about self hosted? If it is possible, from what version of Bitrix you have added these features?

I have asked the same question before to help desk or on the forum, i am not sure, but didn't get exact answer. That would be cool, if we could customize front end layout.

Kind regards,

Yes, component template is customizable - but please note that you can miss some updates from future releases  - cause the customized template & possible future updates may be not working with each other. That's up to you.


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