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Question Deal Filtering by Multiple Products
Hello, We have entered some deals with annual or monthly billing as 2 different products and are looking for filtering. Unfortunately I can only seem to select 1 product to filter by at once. Am I choosing incorrectly? I would like to be able to filter results that (contains or does not contain) both product X and product Y.
Thanks for your input in advance.
Hi Jason!

What parameter & value are you filtering by? You can filter by several parameters at the same time.


I can see the ability to filter by several parameters, but what if i want to narrow down a single parameter. I would like to choose more than 1 product to filter by and I can only seem to select 1 product to filter deals by. Another example would be filtering by 2 cities under companies. I can remove filters but can not add any further than 1. It would be nice to be able to gather a filter that can search for companies in a region by entering multiple city parameters Filter: Northeast USA results = cities Boston OR New York. Or results which have deals for widgets OR Doodads.
Edited: Jason Geraci - 08/24/2015 18:11:02 (spelling)
I see, yes you can choose several values only form the lists, but cannot add several values for string type of fields like Address for example. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi Yana,

I am facing same issue. Can't we add multiple string type of one fields? In this I can filter leads with addresses/cities.


Unfortunately not.


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