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Convert from Lead to Contact / Deal, using Mobile App., "Converted" status in Leads view (in mobile) app, cannot be sel ected (fr om within mobile app), but I need it to.
Hi there, while I understand How To "Convert" from a Lead to Contact or Lead within the Desktop Application, I would like to convert the same from within the Mobile application, specifically Android).

Problem:  I cannot sel ect the 'status' called "Converted" from within the mobile app.  It's there, but it is visually different from all other status's (suggesting that it cannot be sel ected).  I am logged in as Administrator and I  checked permissions and see that I have 100% permissions to everything, but yet, cannot make the status change to Converted within mobile app.

If there is a way to convert fr om a lead to contact or deal fr om within the mobile app, please advise me on how to do it.

thank you!!!   John.
Hi John,

This option is not available form the mobile app at the moment. Please note the app functionality is limited in comparision with the main web interface. Our mobile dev team is constantly working on the app improvement.


This feature still unavailable yet... just one more step for the slider...
I have the same issue. This feature should be easy to implement. Do you guys have timeline to implement it.

Unfortunately not in this release (December 10th), probably later. I'll add your vote for this feature. Thanks!

Cleveroad published article at the blog How to convert website to Android app - optimal ways to follow and in my opinion it's really great article with useful tips!
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