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Bug with type list in custom fields

I had a very strange situation with CRM. I've created custom field "Project" (type: list) in Companies section and next imported 15 000 - 20 000 fields with different "Project" values.
Everything was ok, but I tried to add one more value to the list of field values. After adding new value I clicked Apply and one of the my old values was deleted. I added my old value and new value again, but all records with old value in "Project" field now is EMPTY!

And now I have several questions:

1. Can I rollback such changes in database?
2. How can I edit this 5000 records simultaneously?
3. What should I do to avoid this? One bug with field list can crush values of thousands records.

P.S. Can I get list of deals of the company in the Company tab?
Hi Roman!

Please report this to our Helpdesk asap!

When you open particular company - below the details you have list of deals associated with this company.


Well, I've found the problem.

If you have list of values and you add some new values to the list you shouldn't change position of the values before clicking Apply. If you add new values and change positions and click Apply you will lost values with numbers more then old values list count.

Fix is simple - add values, click Apply and ONLY after this change positions in a list.
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