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Custom Calculated Fields, Ability to create a calculated field based on the entries of other fields
Is there a way to create a calculated field that changes based on the calculation of two other fields. e.g. field 1 + field 2 = field 3
Hi Kevin!

In the cloud or in the self-hosted version? In the cloud unfortuantely not.


How not?

In the cloud version can be add a custom field for any CRM entity and can be created a business process on changing CRM entity. In the business process can be calculated and updated custom field  value  based on the other fields values.
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can you please give an example how to update a field like "sum = var1 + var2"?
Hi, just to re-hash this topic. Can variables be added in the business processes on Cloud version?
ie. var1 + var2 + var3 = X
Hi T24 Boarding,

Here is a sample:

{{= {=Variable:x} + {=Variable:y} }}


=  {=Variable:x} + {=Variable:y}

Hello Yana. I am not very technically minded. I would like to create a field to calculate the probability-weighted value of deals in progress. I have entered the total value of the opportunity and the probability but I cannot work out how to show the probability-weighted outcome. Is this possible in the cloud-hosted free service? Eg Value of deal = £100,000 and probability =50% so the probability-weighted amoutn = £50,000. This would be helpful. Thanks Gregor
Hi Gregor!

Feel free to contact one of our partners they can help with product customization.


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