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Business Process and Field Setup Questions
Hi New to Bitrix24,
Setting up a couple BP's for the Leads in the CRM and have a couple questions:
Here is the flow for the BP- Lead enters CRM from webform- BP is triggered - BP sends an email 7 days prior to a Date that is set in a custom field.
For this one I cant figure out how to set the email to trigger 7 days before the date that is set in the custom field.

For the email that is sent I have a custom field called "Access Code" - I need this field to increase by 1 number everytime a lead is created, so for example if the Default value is 5000, then when the first lead is created I need the value to change to 5001, then when the next Lead is created it assigns 5002 etc etc

Any advice on how to accomplish these 2 scenarios in the cloud version?

So I was able to figure out the issue with sending the email with a delay before the custom field date. For anyone who is looking for a solution to this you basically ins ert a Pause Execution into the BP then Change the Mode: to Time then add this code to the Val ue field and the Date Field =Dateadd({=Document:UF_CRM_1444661668}, "-7 days 3 minutes") The {=Document:UF_CRM_1444661668} is the custom date field.(Substitute this for your own custom date field) and change the "-7 days 3 minutes" to whatever you require, if you remove the (-) symbol then it will run so many days etc after the custom date.
Hope this helps someone.

I am still stumped on getting a field to autoincrement everytime a new lead is created.
Any help out there?

Also the BP is not triggering when the lead is created from the webform - I have autorun set to When Added and When Changed but I still have to run it manually
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