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Report Leads and products, Report Leads and products

We need to make a report to see how many Leads we have for each product in CRM.

But in the Report we can not put the product as a criterion of analysis?

How can we make this report?

Thank you.

best regards
Hi Alexandre,

Bitrix24 "Lead" CRM entity does not have connection to CRM products, but "Deals" do - which means you can simply filter deals list by condition "product = X" - the list will display the amount & list of deals.

In case with leads you need to connect leads with products - as a workaround via custom field - but this won't help if you have a big amount of products - currently there is no possibility to connect lead custom field to products section in Bitrix24, which means you will have to add the list of products for leads custom field manually.


Hi Yana.

will we have the Lead/contact/company with CRM Product in newer version?

Hi Khai Le!

In the recent update we have added lead & invoice dashboards - analytical reports, calssical reports haven't been modified.


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