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Multiple companies on single deal, Associating Multiple companies to a deal
How can I link more than one company to a deal?

In building specification projects there will be many companies associated with the deal/project and they all need to be linked to the same project/Deal

Some will be associated with many deals

For example and Architect and Electrical contractor are both named on one project and each may have other projects they are associated with

Any Ideas?

Hi Richard,

As you know, technically you cannot select more than 1 company for 1 deal at the moment. I've added your vote for this option. Thank you.


Hi Yana

Just thought we might have moved forward a bit with this feature as I am looking at ZOHO which can achieve this using the 'roles' feature in Potentials

Also for the MAC platform Daylite CRM can also link multiple people and multiple companies to a deal

Any idea of when this might be looked at?
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