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Auto process for new hires to complete training

I've been having difficulties  setting up my bitrix account to automate communication between my managers and myself. I would like to know how to set up my account so the following tasks would be complete. We are currently undergoing very aggressive hiring for our sales position and have found it difficult to stay in communication with one another on our discoveries of new hires. There will be 3-6 hiring managers who will conduct the following tasks assuming the new hire fits and gets the position.

1.) initial interview
2.) Goal setting (which is emailed out and there are step by step instructions to fill out their short term and long term goals)
3.) Product knowledge training
4.) sales Training part 1
5.) sales training part 2
6.) Sales closing training
7.) sales over training
8.) field test
9.) hired

The issues we've come across are (and hoping bitrix can solve) poor communications between managers and one another. for example, Manager A will do the initial interview with candidate, and the candidate will be prepared for the next phase (goal setting) however, the next available time for the candidate would conflict with manager As schedule, but it works for manager B schedule. All the managers have pre set schedule of availability but communicating between all the managers to coordinate with all candidates has been difficult. Is there a way, once the initial interview is done, the next phase would be assigned to another manager (or the same one), based on availability? and also, allowing all managers to see activity between all other managers. Almost as if we can create a contact card, for the candidate, with contact details, check list of all steps they need to complete to be hired, ones that are complete and ones that are not etc etc. we usually interview roughly 10 people a day and communication gets lost in emails and hall way conversations. Hoping to find the simplest and straight forward way to set this up on bitrix
Hi Moseph !

As for tasks - tasks reminders, dependencies, participants can be configured. If you may be intersted in a special workflows design - we recommend to contact one of our certified partners, who'll be happy to assist.


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