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Deals Funnel; stages in dashboard, Seperating Won and Lost deals from In Progress

When using the dashboard of our hosted Bitrix environment, we would like to enter the 'Deals in progress' without the Won and Lost deals. When we use the widgets, we can subtract either the Won or the Lost deals, but the remaining total always includes the other (Won or Lost) category.
To us, the Won and Lost deals are no longer in progress, but they keep popping up in the in progress stage numbers. Can you tell us how we can display the deals that are in progress without the closed (Won and Lost) deals?

Thanks for your input!
Hi Helena,

Not sure I get the scenario - could you please provide a bit more details - do you mean in your case "deals in progress" is the final stage of the deals progress? The system logic is that deals last stage is closed - either lost or won. This type of stage is important as several logics are based on this stage and it cannot be deleted from the system. But - in the Setting you can rename the final stage stage and delete those stages you don't need.

Happy New Year!

Hi Yana,

Thank you, happy new year to you too!

Deals won and lost are fine as closed stages, that is not the problem.

An example:  I enter a report on the dashboard of the crm, and  pick 'Number block'
For A I pick the status 'Deals in progess' stages group, stats to collect is Total value of deals and I choose Total at the radio button.
For B I enter 'Deal won' stage and the same stats and radio button as A
For C I enter 'Deal lost' stage and the same stats and radio button as A and B.

I save, and have a new report with these three blocks and three seperate numbers. When I click on B or C, all I see are the won and lost deals and their total matches the values; everything is in order.
When I click on A, I expect to see only the deals that are still running. However, the won and lost deals are also part of this selection and are reflected in the total sum in the report.

Is there a step we missed, to make won and lost deals actually closed so that the deal stage 'in progress' shows only the deals in progress?
Was there a solution here?  This is exactly the question I need answered.

Please contact our Helpdesk - our support team will assist with this request.


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