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Periodic trigger for business processes, How to perform a periodic check on leads that exists for 30 days

I would like to perform a periodic check on leads that exists for 30 days. I cannot find any way to automatically start a business process.
How can I implement these type of checks?

Thank you
Hi Martino,

For search you can use leads filter - created\modified date. Or do you have a specific scenario planned for the workflow?


I'd like the responsible receives an alert email if a lead is not modified for a month.

Thank you for the answer
Business processes actions are based on activities, there is no option to base a process on inactivity. This means you can only created business processes with condition lead has been last modified date =

It is important here that business process will be launched only for those leads which have been edited only (meaning leads form), when you add new activities to leads this won't be considered as lead modification by the business process.

Currently the business process you request cannot be created. You can request an assistance form our partners, who can help.


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