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Business process, date minus one
Hello, I want to add a confirmation call to my leads one day before the estimate. I have a custom field for the day of the estimate set up. I want to have it so a calendar event pops up the day before the estimate. How do I do this using the business processes?
Hi Jack!

We do not offer support in BPs creation, but you can read our Training Course or contact one of our certified partners, who will be happy to help.


Hi Jack,

Tips for time/date usage in workflows

Dateadd - adds the time span passed as the second argument to the date specified as the first argument.


=Dateadd([initial date], [time span])

The following units are possible in the time span: y, year, years, m, month, months, d, day, days, h, hour, hours, i,min, minute, minutes, s, second, seconds. The units are case insensitive.

=Dateadd({=Document:FIELDNAME}, -"60d"})
=Dateadd({=System:Date}, "1 d")
=Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "-2d")
=Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "2 days 3 minutes")
=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DREKVUY}, "-5 Weekday")
=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DREKVUY}, "-5 days")
=Dateadd({=System:Now}, "10 min")

About date and time zones

NOW and SYSTEM:DATE are relative to location of SaaS server (in my tests it looks like Moscow)

NOW: {=System:Now}
SYSTEM DATE: {=System:Date}

To get the time relative to your browser location:

Document creation date

Document LAST modification date/time

To update the timestamp_x to "now" in your time zone, just use the document modfication activity to change any document field before sampling the timestamp_x

=Dateadd({=Document:TIMESTAMP_X}, "10 min" )   // now + 10 minutes
Ronaldo Radünz

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