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Working Example: how to create a new lead from a contact form in your site

I tried using Bitrix24 Form Constructor app from Anton Dolganin, but even though he provided me some support (thanks Anton!) I ran into some limitations.
So,I tried to code a custom contact form to automatically add a new lead from my site to Bitrix24 and I had a hard time doing it (I'm no coder)...
I am using wix for my website, so PHP is not an option for me.

But I think I got it!

I am no HTML/CSS expert (just a curious guy), so it's not optimized and there may be some errors, but it is working as it is.


  1. in the input fields below, the name attribute must be the same as a Bitrix24 Lead field, as described here:;

  2. the ASSIGNED_BY_ID is the user responsible for the new added Lead

  3. the Login and password info must be from a valid Bitrix24 user (if you have a user with permissions only for Leads adding, steps 5 and 6 below may not be necessary);

  4. Add code below to your website (in Wix, inside an iFrame);
  5. after the first form submission, open the console log (in Google Chrome Ctrl+Shift+I) and get the AUTH key in the object returned by the server (copy and paste);

  6. Uncomment AUTH input field below and paste your auth key (don't forget to delete your login and password info!!!);

  7. Check Leads in the CRM and the new contact info should be there.
Feel free to improve this or use it anyway you like.


<fo rm id="contactform" class="contact-form" action="" method="post">

<st yle type="text/css">
   /* Add custom styles here */


    <div id="form-field">
   <div class="field-group">
      <input class="input-field" name="NAME" required pattern="\S+" type="text" value="" placeholder="First Name"/>

   <div class="field-group">
      <input class="input-field" name="LAST_NAME" required pattern="\S+" type="text" value="" placeholder="Last Name"/>

   <div class="field-group">
      <input class="input-field" name="EMAIL_WORK" required pattern="[a-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\.[a-z]{2,4}$" type="email" value="" placeholder="E-mail"/>

   <div class="field-group">
      <input class="input-field" name="PHONE_WORK" required pattern="\S+" type="tel" value="" placeholder="Phone"/>

   <div class="field-group">
      <input class="input-field" name="UF_CRM_1454096619" required pattern="\S+" type="text" value="" placeholder="Message Subject"/>

   <div class="field-group">
      <textarea class="input-field" name="COMMENTS" required pattern="\S+" rows="5" placeholder="Message"></textarea>

   <div class="form-submit">
      <input class="button" id="submit" name="form_submit" type="submit" value="Send" />

   <input name="LOGIN" type="hidden" value="YOUR@EMAIL.COM" />
   <input name="PASSWORD" type="hidden" value="PASSWORD" />
   <input name="AUTH" type="hidden" value="AUTH KEY" />
   <input name="TITLE" type="hidden" value="New lead from contact form" />
   <input name="SOURCE_ID" type="hidden" value="WEB" />
   <input name="ASSIGNED_BY_ID" type="hidden" value="1" />

   <div class="response" id="contactResponse-error" style="display:block"></div>
   <div class="response" id="contactResponse-success" style="display:block"></div>


<sc ript type='text/javascript' src="">
</sc ript>

<sc ript type='text/javascript'>
$( document ).ready(function() {

         /* stop form from submitting normally */

         /* get some values from elements on the page: */
         var $form = $( this ),

         $submit = $form.find( 'button[type="submit"]' ),
         url = $form.attr('action');
         /* Send the data using post */
   var posting = $.post( url, $form.serialize())

     .always(function(data) {
      /* successfully submited */
      if(data.status == 200){
         /* formating server response to JSON */
         data.responseText = data.responseText.replace(/"/g, '');
         data.responseText = data.responseText.replace(/'/g, '"');
         data.responseText = data.responseText.replace(/\\/g, '\'');

         var responseText = $.parseJSON(data.responseText);

         if(responseText.error == 201){
            divResponse = "Message sent!<br>Thank you!"
         }else if(responseText.error == 400){
            field = data.responseText.split("'")[1].split("'")[0];

            divResponse = "Please check field '" + field +"'";
            divResponse = "Server access error.<br>Try again later.";
         divResponse = "Server communication error.<br>Try again later.";




</sc ript>
Edited: Matheus - 02/15/2016 23:35:37
I don't know why, but when I post the code it keeps adding a space in the form, style and script HTML tags.
Got no luck editing it, so don't forget to remove those spaces!
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