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Importing Updated Deals CSV, Update Deals Stages directlyfrom CSV Upload.
Hey there guys, as said on description, I´m trying to upload all my deals to Bitrix CRM.

I download all of them from my database as Excel files and upload as CSV to the CRM, but when I upload the deals, they don´t replace/update the old ones, they enter as new deals.

How can I, then, update my Deals Stages directly from my CSVs uploads?

I wish there was the Replace Duplicate feature for Deals, but I don´t think there´s such a feature available... Do any of you know a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Lucas,

You can filter deals by date that they have been added and use group actions = set stage.


Thanks for the answer, Yana.

But since we´ll be working with large databases, tons of deals, it wouldn´t be practical to update all of them manually.

I really need something that could pull the infos straight from my Excel CSV...

A Replace Duplicated Deals would be the perfect answer for this...

But i´m still thinking on a workaround and accept any suggestions.

Unfortunately import process only adds new deals - but do not update existing ones (I'll add your vote for the import update by record ID). Unfortunately duplicates search is not available for deals at this point.


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