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CRM Information Flow Question
I'm trying out the free version of Bitrix24 and I'm working through how the information is supposed to flow.  How I am trying to make the information flow and how it seems to flow doesn't seem to match, but maybe I'm just not entering the information properly.

Here is the process that I'm trying to duplicate inside of Bitrix24.

I hear of an opportunity with a customer through a conversation with a personal contact - I'd like to record this as a lead with some basic information which is connected to a customer
As I follow up on this lead, information would be added to the lead in the form of phone calls, emails, web links
Once the lead is developed to the point where the customer has decided to go ahead with the project, the lead would be converted to a deal
The company would assemble a price for that deal and submit it to the client for review and acceptance
If the customer accepted the price or notified us that we were unsuccessful the stage on the deal would be changed to reflect the outcome and the cycle would be complete

Through the different stages of the cycle, I would want all information related to the sales cycle recorded against that lead/deal and would want it to show in the activity stream for anyone to view.

Is this possible?  What I've seen is that the lead doesn't seen to be connected to a customer until it has been converted to a deal or a quote.
Hi Chris,

For the process you describe, you may work this way:

call/email - lead - converted to either contact\company & further to deal or directly to deal, deal can be closed either lost or won, in case the deal is won you can generate quotes & invoices for it. The access to each type of CRM records (leads, contacts, companies, deals) are set in CRM > Settings > Access Permissions.


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