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How to write comment under a specific Contact
I could see that there is this thing called comment when creating a contact but the field is somehow inactive after a contact has already been created. I can see there is Stream where we can send message but I am not sure what it means.

Does it mean that when I am writing whatever things under that particular Message, it means all the messages are going to be sent to the actual contact ? Appreciated if someone could clarify on it. Thanks a lot !
The reason I am asking is because I do put all the email address into the contact and I wouldn't want the actual contact to receive whatever stuff I have been typing into the Message.
Oh btw, to the development team of this wonderful application, I would like to really really express my sincere appreciation and thanks for making this such great application available for use.

This is a great tool for small companies like ours and we are definitely going to stick to this once we grow bigger and hit the threshold of the free package.  
Thanks a lot, Harry!

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