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Matching between COMPANY records, GROUPS and/or DEPARTMENTS, hard to
Consider I have a multinational company with a Bitrix24 Professional edition.
They wish to have different employees to see or not to see companies records within CRM database, already imported into the CRM from an external source.

I already organized the company structure to follow hierarchical company behavior, but now I miss how to link a CRM Company record to a department following CRM permissions.
Looking at CRM Permissions and following training videos, I can setup a particular permission profile to enable (as an example) DEPT-A to look at it's own companies, but I have no idea how a particular company may ve visible to that Department instead of another...

Let say that the current situation is:
1) I already uploaded, from an external DB, the whole list of customer companies into CRM
2) I have this enterprise dealing with Italy, France and Germany, there is a CEO, who stays at the top of the structire, and 3 country sales managers dealing with a country division
3) my wish is to assign CRM company records pertinent to Italy being visible to CEO and Italy sales manager, not other sales managers, and viceversa: obviously down below with all sales agents who are in sub-departments to each country

How can this be possible?

Im also looking to try and do the same.

Is there a solution?
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