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Can receive but not send emails, can't send email
I set up my email in the CRM in Send&Save.  I am able to receive emails I get though Outlook, but I cannot send email out via the CRM program.  The only way I can send out is to click on a contacts email address to open a new Message in Outlook.  For obvious reasons I would like to be able to send out from within Bitrix24.  Please advise.


I cannot send email out via the CRM program.
what do you mean exactly?
- when you click send message - a form does not show up
- when you complete the form & click send - you get an error - if yes, what error?
- you can send a message but the email is not saved in your CRM
- anything else - please advise


I am able to receive inbound emails.  Bitrix assigns the unknown email addresses as new leads, and the known addresses are attached to their respective contacts.  When I click on a contact's email address it opens a New Message in my Outlook.  However, when I scroll to the bottom of the page of my Contact, and choose email ( Message, Task, Meeting, Call, Email), the dialogue box comes up for a new email, but after I click the send button, it never leaves my system.
Obviously this shouldn't work this way, please report this problem to our Helpdesk with this description. Thank you!


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