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Create Company out of Deal, Automatically create Company from new Deal

Can a new Company be automatically created when a new Deal is loaded, either via manual input, CSV import or "create deal" business process??
Hi Adriaan,

The problem is you can only generate Quote or Invoice form a Deal.


Hi Yana,

Does this mean if we want to automatically create a Invoice from a Deal and link it to a Company, we will have to create the Company separately?
That sounds like double work as all the Company details are already captured in the Deal.
What would you suggest is the best way of getting a Company on the system via the CRM?
When you add new deal you can either select one of the companies or create a new company. Which means if you have company details in a deal - it will be automatically added to the invoice. Or probably I miss something in this scenario.


In this scenario we create a Deal for a new client via a webform. Thus the company has not been loaded on the CRM yet.
All company information is captured in the Deal (Webform). If the company does not exist, I require a Company to be loaded (hopefully automatically) on the CRM from the information captured in the Deal, so I can track all Deals linked to the Company.

If I understand it correctly, we need to create the Company manually first and then link it to the Deal?
If you plan to catch these clients via webform, in the web form setting you need to add to the form fields both from Company (name) & Deal (Name) - you can actually rename these fields for clients. In this case under "More" in the web form page - create documents - choose "deal" - you'll see the system notification that both company & deal will be created for this client.


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