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user question: how to include event description in report?, how to get all unique actitivities into a report?
I am using the free version of Bitrix.

Here's the video

I need in my reports an event description but there is no option to include 'event description' in reports...

use case:
  1. sales person has a meeting
  2. they type the description of the meeting (event description)
  3. send report that includes description of the meeting to head office
I need a report that has this information:
[column headers]
company name | contact | phone | email | event description of activity

but I can't get event description of activity as it is not an option :(
I have been able to config to show some of the data that I need but not all.
report wizard does NOT include option to include description of the activity.

I can see event description in the 'deal' activity though... in fact this table is close to what I need...

I did search
help desk doesn't have anything useful regarding 'event description'

Please, what is the fix? I need an activity report that includes activity description
thank you
Edited: Dennis Daniels - 11/14/2016 18:30:33 (added link to video)
Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Dennis,

Activities are not supported in reports, thanks for the suggestion.


I'm stunned.
your help docs says that there is activity reporting (see attached and link)

Author:  Yana Prokopets
14 May 2015

Activity description in reports is Not supported at all? Even in the paying version?

Description of sales activities, especially on a call or meeting, is ... basic.

Is it on the roadmap to be included in the future? We were just about to buy the PRO version but if activity descriptions are not reported... that's a deal killer for us...
Edited: Dennis Daniels - 11/14/2016 19:24:24 (support docs says activity reporting is supported)
Excuse me for the confusion. There are standard reports available for CRM Activities. What I've meant is events fields for lead, deal, contact, etc, reports.


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