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Can I revert Statuses to original value?, for the three required statuses, unassigned, converted, and junk
I just learned that three statuses have special features and can't be deleted because they affect how certain things work--unassigned, converted, and junk   I have renamed all my statuses, and I'm not sure that I kept these three statuses as something that correlates to the original unassigned, converted, and junk.  Is there any way to revert them back to their original names?  Or is this even necessary?  


I found the answer on

If you hover over the statuses, you'll see an "x" to the right as well as a Change Color icon.  For the required statuses, there's a "Revert to original name" icon that appears on hover instead of the "x."  I put them back as they were and put them in their proper places--at the beginning and at the end.  
Hi Scott!

there's a "Revert to original name" icon
That's it. If you've deleted some statuses you can simply put them back by creating new statuses with the same names.


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