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Send form from CRM with prefilled fields

We are reviewing our business process logic for ways to streamline activities. We are a self-hosted bitrix instance.

With the CRM forms that exist, we wanted to know if there is a way to send a form to a client from within a deal and have some of the fields of that form be pre-filled out from information in the deal.

The use-case here is that in our main deal pipeline we require clients to fill out an application form. Right now we still do it with paper/fax and that is very tedious. We would like to send that digitally for them to fill out and return instead, as is possible in other CRM systems.

Any other suggestions on how to accomplish this would also be appreciated.

Thank you
Edited: Scott Lang - 12/23/2016 21:17:49
I should also be very much interested in this.

It is particularly useful to have subscribers confirm/amend their preferences.

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