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CRM form localization, how to have status and error messages in a language different from the intranet language
Dear support team and forum member,

We are using Bitrix24 with English language setting but our customers are Georgian. We have set up a CRM web form after the simple POST webhook has been killed. It is easy to have Georgian field labels and possible values in a ist field. But it does not look so good if there's written "Not Sel ected" when no value has been chosen fr om the list.
Also, "Fill in all the required fields" should be customizable. This is all for our particular form right now.
But it continues when the submit button has been pressed: "You will be redirected in 1 sec" and "Open Now" would also be nicer to be customizable.

Did I overlook the option for this or is this a missing feature?
Hi Josuah,

Thanks for the observation, we'll consider your suggestion for future updates.


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