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General quote editing questions, Questions regarding templates, formats, etc
Hi, I've been trying to develop quotes in bitrix to manage my clients and leeds, I have some questions:

1. Is there away to increase the number of custom fields that command the last rows of the quote template? (In the payment configurations for quote)
2. Is it possible to reduce the space between lines of the text format in the quote?, when I print the quote from CRM the lines look too separated.
3. When I am editing a quote, there is a content box in which I can write a text, at the editing view bitrix allows me to give basic formatting to the text like bolt and cursive form, why this format is missing when I print the quote? (and again the lines look too separated)
4. How can I include my client's company and also the contact name and position in the upper side of the quote (in company quote it only shows my client's company name and in contact quote it shows my contacts name, I want to show both things and also my contact's position at his company)

i'll be waiting for some comments, thanks.

My suggestion to the Bitrix dev team is to allow us to setup an HTML version of the Quote/Invoice with all the parameters available (Company, Contacts, Products, Deal and Quote data). It'll be easy for us to put up a custom template, fullfilling everyone's needs.
Rafael Vogel
Hi Luis Miguel  & Rafael!

Thanks for sharing the problems you face when it comes to quotes forms. We'll try to improve the quote\invoice interface, but these modifications are not scheduled yet.


The quote section is potentially a great feature, but currently because of it's restrictions I can't use it. I have the same issues as Luis Miguel and also have some additional comments.

  1. I would like to add a comments section to the product table in the quote. In my business (logistics) there are always a lot of comments regarding the different types of pricing (one comment per product), which we would like to add in the same table on the most right column.
  2. I also dislike the space between each comment line, it would be better to have one big comment box (wysiwyg or just text file) where a user can add all comments at once.
Hope this can be solved soon, as this is essential for us to move our CRM to Bitrix24.

@Pauline, I've created a solution for this issue.

Please check my reply here:­#message105909

Example attached!
Bitrix Quoter.png (221.17 Kb)
Edited: Rafael Vogel - 08/10/2017 22:17:28 (Adding better image.)
Rafael Vogel
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