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Email window needs to be fixed, The email window that pops up is too small and cannot expand, making it useless

I am trying to get all my staff to use the email functions in the CRM etc in Bitrix, but they refuse to use it. Why?

Because you cannot expand the window to see what you are working on.

Can I suggest before you add anymore funky features, which by the way are really cool, the email window MUST be fixed as a priority.  The same goes for creating templates.

Also, you need to be able to:

1. attach files to a template as well, ie when you have a new client and you want to send standard docs out.
2. Be able to easily add images to the email.

I can't stress how critical this is to using the functions of the CRM on a daily basis. This is probably the feature in bitrix that needs the most attention and we would have thought that it would have been fixed in the interface upgrade. The current interface and interaction is very tired.

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