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Automatic Notifications With Links To Meetings And/Or Messages, CRM Business Processes
We are trying to find the best way to implement a customer note function on the Deals section of CRM in Bitrix24. The purpose of this is that when a salesperson has a meeting or call with a client, they would enter a note with details and then send a link to this note automatically to sel ected people who would ideally be able to open the message or meeting note from that link on their mobile phone.

We have looked at sending messages within a Deal which allows the user to sel ect recipients, and those recipients can then receive a notification through the mobile client. However the content of the message is truncated on the notification and there does not appear to be any way to e.g. click a link and open the message details on the Deal itself. Therefore the recipient would not be able to see the full details of the message, or even know which Deal it has come fr om.

The alternative scenario would be that we would like a way to automatically notify users after a Meeting created fr om a Deal has been marked as finished. Is there a way to do this using custom business processes? I have looked at creating a template associated with the Deals, but I don't seem to be able to get a handle on the meeting form and fields.

Can anyone advise on the best way to approach this and what might be possible? We are using the Cloud version.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Colin!

You can either hire one of our partners to desgn a business process for you or contact our Helpdesk for assistance.


Thanks Yana for the speedy response :)
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