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Problem with the Open Channels and CRM
Hi everybody!

I have questions about the using of some features. I fail to find the anwers in the knowledge base and the forum.

1. Live Chat integrations with CRM
Recently we integrated Live Chat in our website. It's very usefull for our business. One of the cool features is that when the client types his phone number or e-mail in the caht stream it directly generates new lead. The problem is that the conversation is not automaticly saved as an activity. In the same time if I enter the lead manualy by clicking "Add to CRM" the converation is saved there. Why this is not working with the automatic lead generation?

2. Customize Open Channel working time
We do not have 24/7 support, that's why I set the time zone and our working hours. However even when somebody is writing during our working time the system is sending him the message set to be send when we are closed. How can I fix this?

3. Translaion of live chat widget
How can I translate the website widget? We are opperating in Bulgaria and English interface is not okay for our clients.

4. Search by product
In the search box I tried to run a search by product but it's not working. Can I run this kind of search?

I hope you can help me to fix this problems!

Kind regards!
I cannot seem to figure out how to do the auto lead (if not already in CRM) feature either.  Seems to never create a lead for me.

Hello, Tyler!

1. The issues here is likely that you have not configured the settings of your Open channel or Widget
For Open Channel configuration, please see this

Here is the settings of your Open Channel:

2. Open Channel and Website Widget working hours: the issue here, is that they may overlap and the message can be sent in a wrong time. Go to CRM -> More -> Widget edit and Open Channels -> Edit -> Working Time Preferences

You need to make sure work hours are set properly up in the widget AND in the Open Channel.


Go to CRM -> More -> Widget edit for widget hours

Go to Open Channels -> Edit -> Working Time Preferences for Open Channel work hours


3. Translation of Website Widget. You can translate the Widget by going to CRM > More > Website widget > Edit as shown at the screenshot below. The details on how to configure the Widget are listed at this article: https://


The greeting message can be edited as well:

Unfortunately we do not support Bulgarian, please contact our local partners.

4. Search by product. The only place you can search products is in CRM. You need to go to CRM tab -> Product -> Filter search.

5. Please read the information on how to work with leads and which sources are available for automatic capturing:


Let me know if this helped or not!


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