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Invoice Print Form - nothing in drop-down
When I first create an invoice, there is one item in the "Invoice Print Form" field. It says "Business Transfer: Contacts". However, after I select a company as the payer for the invoice, the "Invoice Print Form" drop-down is empty, and there is nothing to select. Because that is a required field but there is nothing to select, I can't create an invoice. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here? I searched help and the forums, and I came up with nothing.
I have discovered the answer to this post after much searching, trial, and error. The "Invoice Print Forms" are located in the CRM -> Settings -> Payment Options -> Payment Systems. When creating an "Invoice Print Form", you must select whether it is for a Contact or a Company. When you select a company on invoice creation, only Invoice Print Forms for companies show up. I only had invoice print forms for contacts, which is why they disappeared when I added a company. If I had only added a contact, the one form that existed would have remained in the drop down.

I fixed my problem by creating an Invoice Print Form and selecting "Company" as the invoice type during creation.
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