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Confusing Payment Systems
Please explain the following points about Quote and Invoice templates:

- The yellow highlighted fields in the attached images are never displayed on the PDF. Why have it as an option in the first place?
- The red circled fields have no label and are quite confusing.

I had hoped that this was an error you have already spotted but its been months now and wasn't fixed in the last update, which was unannounced and caused us problems for over 1 hour with no access. You also never provide any details on what updates were made and what is different.
Capturebit1.PNG (39.82 Kb)
Capturebit2.PNG (21.53 Kb)
Capturebit3.PNG (28.36 Kb)
Hi Patrick,

The very last update brought recurring invoices option. Please contact our Helpdesk regarding screenshots above.
Here is how it should look like:


About fields that are not added to pdf - we plan to change print & pdf forms for invoices, but the update is not scheduled yet, unfortunately.

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