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Create an Attendance list for tracking and follow up
Dear Community,

thanks for the support so far and also to Bitrix24 - it has been quite helpful yet.

My question is this:
I am holding Masterclasses / Workshops for Lead & contacts fr om time to time.

I would like to have these Events set in my calendar and also, be able to:
a) track whom I've invited and who showed up (up to 30 people)
b) create a "group" follow-up scenario, wh ere I don't have to go to each contact individually rather than looking, who was there.

Can that be done with the customised fields ?

Hi Karim!

You can add custom fields of date & time type, please note that these events won't be added to your calendar. You can add events to Bitrix24 calendar and connect them to CRM records. You can invite Bitrix24 users to this event & enable option "confirm invitation".


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