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Company and User Mailbox integration Office365
I am reaching out to the community for help since the help desk, unfortunately, has not been helpful. After numerous messages back and fourth, sharing screen shots over and over again (sometimes the same ones), waiting days for a response....I hope someone else has resolved this issue

Email integration in the CRM
To track emails in the CRM, as I see the following 4 options:

1) You can manually log an email but, this will only make an entry in the History section and not track in any "activity" or show in the nice reports and graphs.

2) Connect the company email via "Email Integration" aka save & send integration.
-This will add emails to the system, create new leads, companies etc
---Doesn't track on the start page "sales tracker" since it is not the third option below: "CRM Email Accounts (company email)"...but I can live with this if this is how it should be working.
- Problem.... emails are forwarded by my own personal email or another colleagues (also a user with the same CRM level permissions). Sometimes Bitrix24 load emails and it is inconsistent between different user's mailboxes. There is nothing different between the emails that would cause this. Example: my colleague and I will be send an email fr om a client....when he forwards it to the CRM it never shows. When I forward shows...most of the time,
- I've had my IT department watch access logs and no communications are being blocked by our firewall that would cause this
- There must be some logic the system uses...I can't determine what it might be.

3) "CRM Email Accounts (company email)" uses the different integrations directly to office365/exchange
-This has never been able to pull in messages from the company email account. Always "Success" in connection and even sees the mailboxes in the account.
-I see no security conflicts from the outlook side

4)"CRM Email Accounts (Personal email)"
-Connecting a personal email account worked briefly, but it loads every email I receive into the CRM. I explained to the help desk the desire to have the CRM only handle emails I specify. I run an operation with multiple business units wh ere a large majority of my communications are not related the CRM database/business unit.
-The help desk suggested I specify an email mailbox to pull from. I did this and specified it under the CRM settings. But, it doesn't recognize any emails in the mail box.
-I can't tell but, perhaps the CRM only looks at the email when it is first received....but I can't use any rule to automatically move/copy emails to my Outlook "CRM" mailbox before I see it and know it needs to go to the CRM....

If what I need cannot be done, I'd just like to know. I haven't received an answer on that either.

Thank you in advance for anyone that can help me solve this frustrating situation.
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