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Using Companies as the STARTING point, Defining a process to handle Leads that are customers
I am in a afterschool business. My potential clients are school. So the starting point is getting list of schools in my area and then pushing them from being unknowns to potential then to customers and then manging them.
So.... I am trying different CRM and finding the same issue. Most if not all, are focused on leads being people and then moving them to customers through slaes pipeline. I am trying to start with company and then moving them through stages of a sales pipeline. the terms are al over the place so I will explain below
1) I get a list of school names. All at potentials but not qualified
2) We call or contact via email to everyone and move some that respond to "prospect" stage. That means that the company (school) is a possibility to take our product
3) We do a appointment/presentation or demo for the school to showcase our product
4) If they agree we negotiate a contract
5) client signs and we start the day to day invoicing

Britrix seems to be like most CRM that dont like Companies being start point. I dont want duplication. I dont want to monaualy move companies into leads and then "copy" them to comapnies. Is there a painless way for Britrix to do that? I dont seem to find that info.

Thanks for the help
I have the same issue.

Does one just ignore the person's name information and just enter the company's name?

Anyone? Seems like the forum and the helpdesk is not that active in Bitrix
Yes.  The helpdesk has died without warning or notification for free accounts.

I hope they are sorting out the simple issues, which seem to have been ignored at the expense of more sophisticated stuff, which is great if people can get that far.
Hi Faisal,

In my opinion, I don't see the problem here when you use the Leads for sale starting process. So I describe the workflow as below:

- First, you can use the Statuses and Dropdowns feature in CRM settings to manage the Leads process following your business (example: unassigned --> assigned --> in process (contact, call, mail) --> processed (fill all information into Leads) --> close Leads and convert to deal and company.

    In the Leads, you can create custom fields and make sure all custom fields meet with your business. You can apply to all sales members using the Leads form after.

-  Second, after leads close step, now you can manage the deals processes (same way with manage leads) (example: assigned --> in process (appointment, demo, presentation) --> quotation --> contract --> close deals

So with this road map, hope that it will help you now.

About the help desk and forum admin service of Bitrix24, in my opinion, they are overload and don't know how to solve this overload issues. The method to solve this overload issue is share it to partner and increase the effective of partner to the customers around them.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me via my skype: phuongakira.  
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