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Cannot import a Gmail contact to the CRM
Hey guys :)

I am new to Bitrix24 and I have a small matter that I hope you can aid me with. I'm in the CRM and I want to import my Gmail contacts to the platform. I downloaded the CSV from Gmail itself and then proceeded with the import process on my CRM but unfortunately I got the following error:
The file appears to contain only one column. Please make sure you have specified a correct separator on the previous step.
Neither of the following fields were found: 'Given Name', 'Family Name'
A file needs to follow these requirements to be imported successfully: encoding: UTF-16; field name language: English; field separator: comma.
I'm not sure why I'm getting this error, I opened the CSV prior to importing and checked it myself, it does contain several columns and specifically "Given Name" and "Family Name".

I tried to do a workaround myself and redid the previous process but this time I clicked on "Import custom CSV" instead and selecting comma as my column separator. Weirdly enough this does successfully import my contact but fields like email and phone number are missing.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide for me.
Any help here guys?

When importing - please make sure you match the fields when the system suggests to, several fields may not be matched automatically.


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