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Very Annoying non-intuitive beh * avior : hide / show / add fields

We use Bitrix24 since a few years and we want to tell you how great it is.

However, there is a very frustrating non-intuitive thing that ALL my employees does because. Every month I have to remind them of not doing that, but it sticks around because the UI is not intuitive in this way.

Its in the VIEW panel of deals/leads/companies/invoices/quotes...

When you put your cursor near to any custom field value, you see a CROSS appearing. Standard WEB behavior suggests that this cross purpose should be to remove the value. But in bitrix it has a strange meaning. It meands that the user chooses to hide the field. My teams always make the mistake because in there mind : CROSS = REMOVE VALUE.

But anyway, I find that weird that any employee has got the RIGHT to change the display of custom field, and add/remove them. I think It would be easier for everyone if a department admin could set-up a custom display of fields (hide / show what the team needs), and then the employees could only see the fields they have privilege to. The teams could NOT hide/show other fields, and you could make that annoying CROSS go away.

What do you think of this ?

Best regards

And thank you for everything you do, which is great by the way ;) I recommend yuour product to everyone I know in France.
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 Hi Thibault!

Thank you for the kind words about Bitrix24 & your observation. Our dev team is currently working on the new CRM records form. We'll try to take this observation into account. Thank you!


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