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Companies and Company details are confusing

When I do Bitrix Training to my new employees, they always get confused in the Company Section.

There are many reasons.

The first one is that when creating/editing a deal/lead/invoices/quotes, the COMPANY/CONTACT selector looks like a link, and not a selector. New employees find it confusing because they are used to consider BLEU UNDERLINE as links (and not as selectors).

The second and more important problem is the fact that you need to add a company inside a company to add an address.

In fact, when creating a company, you need to folow this steps :
1. Create the Company and give it a name
2. Edit this new company and find the tabs at the bottom
3. clic on the "COMPANY DETAILS" tab (at this point, they are confused already)
4. clic the Add new : company link that is a very little link, and quite hard to find. A big button would be easier.
5. Repeat the Company Name a second time in the Name field
6. Repeat the Company Name a THIRD time in the Company details values
7. Clic on the Add : Street Address link
8. FINALLY enter the adress.

Would'nt it be easier if default company details value could be access directly in the company edit view ? And in the case of subsidiaries that need to add a new entity, we had a single button to add subsidiary addresses. I think you shouldn't use the TBAS for this, because tabs are not very accessibles.

Thank you for reading and keep up the good work ;)

bitrix-bug-A.png (30.46 Kb)
Bitrix-bug-B.png (64.98 Kb)
Dear Monsieur Viguier,

I agree that the lack of intuitiveness is by far the biggest reason people don't take up Bitrix24.  When recommending Bitrix24 to others, I have to stress it will be worthwhile trying to overcome the lack of intuitiveness.  I have written a 20 page instruction note for employees to explain how it works (Bitrix24 explanations could be so much better).

I am confused by, however, by the specific point of your post.

When entering a new company, I find no need to enter the name of the company more than once (see screenshots).

It appears that you or someone else has added significant customization.

I think that using custom fields is a good way of getting round Bitrix24's appalling default address fields (no easy edit facility, unusual format, really slow (i.e over 1 minute) input for each field etc.).  These problems are removed by using custom fields but that shouldn't be the case.
2017-05-29.png (137.08 Kb)
2017-05-29 (1).png (116.87 Kb)
Edited: Charles Hancock - 05/29/2017 11:48:39 (Typo)
That's weird. Your UI doesn't look like mine.
Maybe because we use Bitrix24 since many years and we have some legacy fields ?
I don't know how you manage to get adress fields directly in the EDIT view (without going to the tabs).

Also when I go to COMPANY custom fields. I have none (see image below).
Edited: Thibault Viguier - 05/29/2017 16:10:12
You're right, that is weird.

I have added quite a few custom fields but removed no default.

Do you use the own server version?  Perhaps it needs updating?  I use the cloud.
Hi Thibault & Charles!

Not sure why you need to add company name & then close the form?

Steps are:
1) You click "add new company"
2) Then you fill in all details - address, etc. (if you need to rest form to default - you can do that with the help of right top corner option - reset settings)
3) Save

If you need to add details go back or editing the from.

For custom fields you can go to CRM > Form & Report Settings > Custom fields. Here you can create several custom fields of various types.

As for the address field - that may be a bit confusing, I agree.

Thanks for the detailed observations - I'll pass them to the UX team.


There is no ADRESS field in a company edit page.
I need to Add a subsidiary and then add an adress.

A simpler workflow would be to let users add a 1st PER DEFAULT address.  And then put a button to Add a new company entity if we want to. It would be so much easier....
company.png (66.71 Kb)

Was this after you "reset settings" for a "new company"?

Edited: Charles Hancock - 05/29/2017 18:11:30 (typo)
Yes of course; I reseted many times. And i use the cloud version.
Thanks for the feedback, we plan to simplify the address area.


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