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CRM: Quotes, Topic to discuss Quote templating, bugs, etc...
Hi, I'm new to Bitrix (just one week), and I've advanced much much more than when I've used Salesforce in my past company. You guys have the best solution in place!

Having said that, I'm facing an issue generating quotes. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

1) I've created several products. One in particular, "Services" is a based on hourly/rate;

2) After registering a Deal, I've added 4 times "Services", but edited it's name for:
  • Services - Discovery
  • Services - Development
  • Services - QA
  • Services - Training
3) Each of the above share the same inherited values (price, VAT, etc..). The only difference is they have different quantities of Hours. The reason I've done that way is to have a more comprehensive quote, so the client knows exactly what he's buying.

4) When downloading the Quote, it only shows the first line, with all quantities (and prices, etc) summed up.

The work around for that is not to sel ect the product fr om the catalog, but manually input each one by one.

Is this a bug?
Edited: Rafael Vogel - 07/28/2017 23:55:01 (typos)
Rafael Vogel
 Hi Refael!

You need to create 4 separate independent products for that either in the catalog or add them directly inside the quote, otherwise the system will consider these products as same - since in fact that is the same ID product with your custom names.


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