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Tracking cold calls, Track daily cold call totals, subdivided by phone calls vs visits
Is there a way that I could track cold calls? I would like to know how many cold calls did I make on every day of the week.

I would like these subdivided by phone calls and visits. Thanks

Hello! The logs of all your calls can be found in Telephony> Balance & Statistics> Itemized Bill: there you can find the status of a call (call was successful/not successful), you can group 'em, have recording reviewed and see other statistics. Take a look at this article for details and screenshots:


Thanks for the information. Unfortunatley, that would not work for what I have in mind.

What I think I would like would be found under leads. If I have a lead and I create a visit or call activity for that lead, I'd like to mark it as a cold/warm call/visit. I'd like to also label it as successful or not. And I would like to track it on a daily/weekly/monthly basis how many cold calls or visits. That way I can set goals and track my progress. It would a big bonus if I could see those numbers prominently on the dashboard. (Ideas based on this book:

Hi B24_12889477,

Isn't the answer to convert the Lead to a Deal?


P.S.  Thanks for the book tip
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