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adding event doesn't add to calendar
I add an event to a lead or contact in crm such as meeting or appointment and it doesn't go to the calendar.  Is this by design.  If so is there a way to make it show.  Seems like certain things such as appointments should go to calendar.  Either way great product.
Hello! Please be advised that CRM event serves as a method of adding the data into CRM history - e. g. an old email, information item, an offer.
Thank you for pointing out these specifics, they will be helpful for future releases.  


Hold on.

Whilst it didn't do previously, when you add a meeting or call to a contact, deal etc. it now goes into the calendar.

Although only 1 person is allowed to be on a call or go to the meeting.

You cannot edit properly from the entry itself, you have to find the entry in the calendar and edit from there.

It would be nice to have the ability to start and to finish in Bitrix24 the meeting and/or call like you would a task since there seems to be no mechanism to track time.

(The obvious solution is to treat all meetings and calls as tasks since they allow multiple contacts (& deals & companies), allow time tracking and be easily edited - but this is not intuitive)
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