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How to add VAT ID number to quotes and invoices
I need to automatically display a client's VAT ID number (CIF/NIF in Spain) on the quotes and invoices PDF templates as it is a legal requirement for us. I need the PDF documents to display the client information as follows:

Company Name
Contact Name
Company Address
VAT ID Number

I have the VAT ID populated within the company details page - see screenshot - but cannot see how to get this to dynamically display in the final PDF's. I don't want to use DocDesigner to overcome this problem. Has anyone been able to solve this?
Hi Graham,
you need to map the field in CRM-Settings-Payment Systems
First you need to click "Show all fields" and then map the VAT line on the card "Private person".
It works for me, unlike other parts of invoice (like one line where I can specify invoicing above the Products) or other legal statements required from seller.
Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try.
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