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Contacts, sorting contacts and search fields

I am a new user to Bitrix and am considering it as a replacement of my current program. A few quick questions:

1. Is there a way to sort/search contacts by the time there was last no activity? I currently am able to pull up a report of "neglected" contacts, or contacts who have had no form of activity for the last set period of time (I am currently able to ask for 7, 30, or 90 days). This is a crucial feature for me as it is how we ensure that there are no contacts that have slipped through the cracks.

2. I recently noticed that the contacts I imported were defaulted to private contacts (not viewable by the rest of my team). Is there a way to easily search/sort to see which contacts are currently listed as public vs. private as opposed to having to open and check each one individually?

3. How do I get my calendar view to show my employees' events etc?

Thank you!


1) There is no such filter now, but we are going to add this functionality in a few months or so.  

2) There is no filter that will sort by that criterium, but you can solve the problem using access rights management. You give your team members access to view (or edit) "All" contacts (and leads, etc.). This is done using the 'roles' in the CRM - there's more information here.

It is also possible to set the 'Available to everyone' option during the importing. Please look through the example of a csv file that can be found at the import page.

3) You should add your employees calendars to favorites. Find more info on the issue at the training course.  Employees need to make their calendars available, and then you can add them to your favorites.
How do I actually import leads and contacts from a spreadsheet?
Hi, Terry!

To import leads and contacts you should save your file in the SCV format, encoding  UTF-8.
We have a video as well which will help you import your data to the CRM.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our community or submit a ticket in the helpdesk:)
has the feature now been added that allows a report to be run or information accessed as to last contact/activity with a contact or lead?

For example a list of leads that have no activity (calls/emails/meetings) since a particular date?

This is a very useful feature to track inactive accounts etc

Many thanks
Hi Richard,

Unfortunately we do not have such options now, but can you please give more suggestions and example to reports you are talking about:

that allows a report to be run or information accessed as to last contact/activity with a contact or lead?

so that we can add these features later. Thank you!


Hi Yana

I want to upload contacts through a CSV file. I am able to do it. But I want to upload photos also along with it. How to do it?
I tried giving image file path, but its not uploading image but other fields are uploaded. Please help me in this, how to upload all images through a csv file?

Thanks & Regards
Sridhamasakha Dasa
Hi Guys
Quick question: Is there a way to filter contact to show only contacts starting with the letter 'a' This is a useful feature that does not seem to be available in bitrix 24?

Also can you allow for us to add more fields in the email dropdown list. at the moment you only have work, home and other. we never use a client's home email, however, they make use of agency's and this would be great if we could add it to this email list as it seems only this email list is picked up in the send and save. I have created another field for agencies but this field is not recognized by the send and save.

Marius Nel
Hi Marius!

This option is not available currently, I'll pass it to the devs.



Is there a way to create a pie chart or block that will show the number of contacts owned by a member of a company? For example i would like to show the number of contacts inputed by Employee 1 and 2 in a pie chart. Is this possible?

Hi Edwin,

You can construct leads by manager report in CRM > Reports. In Contacts you can use 1st widget to show amount of deals by employee.


I notice that sorting contacts by name (i.e. "Contact") actually sorts by Surname/last name.

Can this be changed to sort by first name?

Hi Charles!

You can add first & last name columns to the contacts list & apply sorting to the needed column.


Yes.  Thanks.  I just assumed that as it was possible to sort on last name is should also be possible to sort alphabetically.

Yes, your workaround works and that's what I've been doing.  Not idea but I can live with it.

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